About Sandbar Surf Company & Our Surf Camps

Sandbar Surf Company, originally created in 1994 as the ESB Surf School, is California's Central Coast's premier surf school & rental company. Our specialized instruction & coaching combined with our environmental appreciation, make our school an exceptional place to learn the basics of surfing, building confidence and skill as an intermediate, or master surf techniques - all while having fun!

While standing up on the board is certainly a milestone for every beginning student to strive for - it's not the most important thing you'll learn in one of our lessons. The most important thing is to have fun in a great and safe environment! Additionally, we'd like every student to take away the tools necessary to not only learn how to surf and stand up on their own, but to also to have the ability to progress to whatever level of surfing proficiency they desire.

We teach our classes at the end of Park Avenue, which is a couple hundred yards south of the Pismo Beach pier. Our lessons are customized to meet every skill and ability level from the first time student to more advanced surfers looking to increase ocean awareness and master different techniques. Our services are available to locals and visitors, in either a private or group setting, romantic lessons for couples, 3 and 5 day camps, special events such as birthday parties and corporate events, and we also have a variety of special surf-programs for local kids who want to surf year round.

Values, culture, respect and sharing are the basis of the services we offer all year round. Together and in partnership with local community members, San Luis Obispo Parks and Recreation Department, local hotels, the Pismo Beach RV Resort, we are committed to sharing and passing along our knowledge and providing the absolute highest level of service possible in a safe and fun environment.

Our unique and dynamic approach, fun and entertaining instructors, combined with high quality surfing gear, has earned us the recognition and loyalty of our students. We're excited about surfing, teaching and sharing our passion!

We're looking forward to sharing a few waves with you soon.

We do not accept payment at the beach. Payments can be made online or in person at our office. Call 805-835-SURF (7873).